Made in Congo, For Congo

Our mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people and build an awesome organization that inspires and last.

Our mission is to solve everyday solutions for as many people in DRC as possible, creating seamless experiences for users, and providing the socio-economic impact for millions of our partners (drivers & partners).

Nioso is a Super App with 3 platforms: consumer, driver, and merchant applications, with a variety of services to eliminate everyday hassles in a smart way.

In Nioso, we firmly believe that with continuous technological innovations, there is always a way to solve everyday problems and have a positive social impact in our country and beyond. We aim to increase the welfare of as many people in DRC and Africa as possible.

From an Idea to a Reality
Our Story

Nioso was established in late September 2020 and launched in November 2020

Today, Nioso is the largest on-demand platform in DRC, providing everyday solutions for its users and creating employment opportunities in the country.

Nioso is a multi-services platform with more than 10 services today.

Nioso is now a leading technology group serving thousands of users in DRC.



We move fast. Our service is fast and efficient. We are continuously growing from experience.


We work restless every day to improve our services, in order to provide users with the best experience.


Our app is easy to use with a friendly user interface. We provide constant training to all our staff to offer the highest possible customer experience.


We are building a strong community inside and outside Nioso.


We were born to create as much positive social impact as possible for Nioso Partners, users and the population of DRC.